Metal & Accessories for Outdoor's Sport Equipment & BBQ/Smoker Pits

BBQ, Smokers, Fire-pits

We stock the necessary metal you need to build and create your custom smokers, fire-pits, and BBQ pits. We carry the accessories to finish off your project - spring handles, thermometers, and expanded metal grates for pit grills. Make the Summer Rock!

Expanded Metal for BBQ Pits and Smokers

Expanded Metal Grill/Grate for BBQ Pits and Smokers

Rolled and flattened expanded mild steel metal grate for bbq pit smokers and grills, with 3/4" #9 being the preferred size for cooking surface. Easy to weld A-39 mild steel.

BBQ Pit Smokers Thermometers

BBQ Grill & Pit Thermometers

Take the guesswork out of your timing and temperatures. Stainless steel, hermitcally-sealed thermometers for your pits and smokers. Comes with 1/2" NPT threading.

Steel sheet, tube, pipe, tank heads for building bbq pit smokers

Steel for Building BBQ Pits

Sheet and plate steel for pit and smoker construction. Many size and thickness to choose from, and we offer custom cutting and shearing to your specifications.

Spring Handles for Pit Lids

Stainless steel spring handles are Type 302 stainless steel wire. Keeps your handles cool during your cook. Excellent for use on BBQ pits, wood stoves, grills, smokers, and fireboxes.



Sports Shooting Targets AR500 / AR550 Steel Alloys

We carry AR500 and AR550 steel sheet, the most preferred steel alloy for building shooting targets.

Steel target action sport shooting

Sport Shooting Targets

Steel Plate for Targets

Steel Plate for Targets